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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Senate = Hil-ar-ious!!

So, minimum wage will NOT be raised from $5.15 and hour to $7.20. Senate is say NO WAY!! Good for Senate, Jihadist Jerry is yell! Good for them. A good way to is keep Mexicans and illegals out of you country bountiful with milk and honey, is no give them reason to come here, yes? I mean, no won is go live on less than $200 a week ('member those taxes!) so why jump the border? Question is, who is now work at MickyDee's, WalMarts, or Nike?? Ohhhh, wait Nike MickyDee's and WalMarts already subsidizes in China or India so those rednecks or black peoples are out of luck, yes?


At 3:54 AM, Blogger straightchris said...

You see me, me’s an entertainer an cocksman mun, a dat pon me passport seen.
If them no pay me gone seen. I can nice it up anywhere in this fuckin worl’ cha!


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