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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who's You Momma...

This freakish little girl lie to parents, get a passport, fly to Middle East, and almost marry 20 year old boy in Jordan. She tell parents that she is go to Canada with friends...so they is get her passport. Then the fucking parents blame the U.S. and airline authorities for let her leave the country, and the mother rant and rave about Jordanian authorities not detaining girl and ship her back, but instead they "encouraged" her to go back. Maybe they is do this because you momma and dadda are assholes and it no job for Jordanians to raise your daughter. If you were good parents, you would know where little Katherine Lester was at all times. I is spit in you face for your utter lack of responsibilites and your arrogance at blame others for your heathen child no feel they could confide and respect you. People should have to pass tests to have kids, no??


At 10:36 AM, Blogger straightchris said...

Yes mun, me like them kinda gal dere. Dem wan fi fuck colonial guilt away like albama rabit teranos!
Me’s always ready ya know.. wid de rod a correction business and b-wash ting dere.

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Guys' Guy said...

That's the same type of parents who have no clue that their sweet teenage boy has an arsenal of weapons in his room and when the kid shoots everyone in his school they blame the gun manufacturer's and the NRA. I wonder if these parents are so removed from their children's lives that they have no freakin clue the kid has 35 hand guns 40 rifles and some homemade pipe bomb under their bed. Are they so removed they expect other people to tell them when their kid is behaving badly? Yes kids should have some privacy growing up but no parent should allow a lock on the kids door with a key for themselves. Respect the privacy but don't be stupid.


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