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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Evil Bitch...

HAHAAAA, Katherine Harris is another example of digraceful scum sucking pig, who sell her evil little rat-like soul to devil. This devil being George Bushwhacker person,yes! See, she give him Florida in 2000, because his fat lard ass brother no can do, and she hope and pray one day when she try to run for governess of Florida or Senate in 2006, the Bush bitches and Karl Rove support her little black evil scum sucking heart. However, since Bush bitches and Rove are more evil than her they laugh in her little plastic surgery fake bat-like face. Gov. Jeb Bushwhacker say this..."I just don't believe she can win"

So, in first picture shit for brains is on left surrounded by bigots that are upset that the F.M.A. is no pass in Senate. She wants to be senaturd sooooo bad, that she will go to anyone she is think will get it for her. Since her sluglike mentality is no working for her, Jihadist Jerry wake her up. You cannot win you stupid sow. No one is like you. You is evil bitch, yes! HAHAHA, Jihadist Jerry have good word for you Katherine Harris...karma. Look it up!


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