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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hotel Enemy Combatant...

Hey Georgie Pie, your're the decider, so you make the decisions right?? So when you is tell all of Europe that you would like to close Guantanamo Bay, you can just do it, yes? You is the decide person, so just do it. You is the President of the supposed democratic nation in the world, so just go ahead and close it down. You don't have to WANT to close down, you just DO. But, Jihadist Jerry has figure you out. You close down Gitmo, then you have to close down all the other secret prisons that violate the Geneva Convention Rules of War in dealing with prisoners of war, yes? Oh who is care about those filthy little Arabs anyway, no?


At 6:20 PM, Blogger straightchris said...

Bush an ‘im friend them is fuckree dem mek de moos money ‘an hide there crimes like snake in the grass terass.
Check the markets mun you wan’ change?
Boycott Coca-Cola mun; the firs’ steak fe di vampire heart.




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