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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Redneck Redux...

I know Noah from PNS Explosion love this upscale redneck bayou white trash, but why everytime I see her face I hear "Dueling Banjos" in head?! This talentless wonder's "nanny" drop baby on head and give big bruise. Riiiiight, you sure Britney Spears-Federline? It was no you, with you greasy Cheetos fingers? How about you dumb talentless wonderfuck husband K-FED? You sure he no drunk and high and try and play "Kick the Baby", yes?! If this "nanny" dropped baby, why you no beat her with crystal encrusted BlackBerry like Naomi Campbell? Clearly the woman deserve good beating! I think you liar and baby actually throw itself from high chair when it hear you and you stupid trash husband sing together. I actually see one of my goat throw itself from cliff when I play "Slave" for research. It was good goat.

Best thing about America? It even let people with Down Syndrome become superstar celebrities. Somewhere in Louisiana there is village missing its idiot.


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