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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spawn Child of Satan...

I did no know that Darth Cheney had a son! Why is his son name, MARY? Oh wait, that is woman?! Holy Moly, that is one ugly woman. She give Loch Ness Monster a run for its money, no? According my sources, this woman big sellout to her people. She let her evil devil father run his campaign on hate toward gay and lesbian. She was no allow on camera so not to remind American people of her "disease". I think more because she has face like foot, but who am I to judge? She is loser and she should be disavowed by her people. Bad lesbian, bad!

I found picture from her high school year book, yes! She look pretty in pink, no? No wonder she lesbian, her high school boyfriend is even uglier than her. He no look too smart though. Maybe Darth Cheney beat him for going out with Neaderthal daughter and not fucking the gayness out of her? Disfunctional family at its finest.


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