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Friday, April 14, 2006

You Have Them Too...

You America have terrorist who live in you country. This former disbarred lawyer man hate gays. Rev. Fred Phelps addicted to hate! He protests at funeral of soldier and gays. Disgusting man!! Funny thing, his own children say he used to beat them with a bat, and shaved head of his own wife. Yet, he think he is doing Jesus' bidding. Funny, Jesus never say he hate gays in Bible!

This college plagiarist man used to be head of Christian Coalition. Ralph Reed once attacked GHANDI'S pacifist ways by writing article calling him "the Ninny of the 20th century". He too preach hate. Then his stupid redneck ass get caught taking money from lobbiest Jack Abramoff, his former boss. So he in disgrace now, but what good did this do, his words still did much damage!

This one is amazingly stupid. He hatemonger who say Ariel Sharon get stroke because he piss off God. Pat Robertson say Hugo Chavez should be killed. He say hurricanes hit U.S. because gays run rampant in America. He say women place is in home, and feminists are evil. Whoa boy, this man is scary. Yet, he has TV show that millions people watch and send him money. Since when did God need money to build more church?

Actual quote from this fat, disgusting, redneck, pig: "AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals" Uh huh. Really? Ok, if you say so you ignorant fool. You believe you own lies. He has been quoted as say it ok to beat woman cause it say so in Bible, too. He thinks that humanist, feminist, and pacifist are all evil Satan worshipers. Since when is no like war a bad thing? Since when want all people to have equal rights are evil? When did this retard get so much power?

This is one huge Christian extremist who blow-up women's health clinic (twice), gay bar (twice), a professional building where government worker have job (twice), and the Olympics. Wowser, the Olympics. The time when all countries supposed to be together and be happy people. To show strength in unity. He put is evil mark on this celebration so people would listen. Listen to he bad ideas. Listen to his hate. Listen to his disillusioned idea of what is better for world. Eric Rudolf is a yahoo that became sheep, to above crazies. Yes, Islam have extremist too, but you no critisize them if you can no take look in you own heart and see hate is breeding right under you ignorant nose!


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