Jihadist Jerry

That is Jerry with a 'J" If other peoples can kill in the name of God, why can't I?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pet Peeve of the Day...

Like, Oh My Allah!! I is meet this one person who no shut the fuck up. Ever. I mean go on and on and on! About nothing, seriously! Nothing more annoy than person who talk or make noise just to hear themselves talk or make noise. Some say it is ego, some is say it is nerves, I is say it enough to drive me to drink. The person is very nice and sweet, but Jihadist Jerry actually spend many hours roam the streets so he no have to spend time alone with this person because the is gonna tell story that is take 3 hours to tell. Confusious once say "Silence is Golden", no? Maybe I should donkey punch this person in the groin, no?


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