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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Darkies in the News...

Homo and the Homophobe. Black man hate the gay, a little too much. Maybe he self loathing?
This is big headed super singer run over a darkie from Africa in her Range Rover. Nothing could be more ironic.
This darkie smokeup, get busted with the drugs and the guns and the hoes and still he say he no guilty. Cocky shit. I like him so much, yes! The goats are part of the Dawg Pound Fan Club!


At 10:52 PM, Blogger Guys' Guy said...

I really don't have a comment but I wanted to say hi to an old friend...Jerry!!! It's been so long

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Tallulah said...

So glad you are back.


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