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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Corporate B.S...

Jihadist Jerry is hope you all have good Christmas! I even wish the Jews a good Chaunika (who really knows how to spell that word?). Now that you stressed youselves out by running around you towns buying a million presents, wasting you hard earned money, just to feel miserable and let down, how is your New Year gonna be? I is say your resolution for 2007 should be about youself. No more bending over backwards just to make everyone else happy just so you get some recognition. No more selling yourself out for money. No more cheap toilet paper. This year give back to this stinking pie hole we call Earth by creating more positive energy!! Do something about those little black people who is dying by the second in Dafur! Buy a sandwich for some homeless person on the street no matter how much they wallow in they own feces! Tip a dragqueen, no matter how bad they lipsink yet another Britney Spears song! Plant a tree! Kiss a retard! Mercy fuck a troll! And do it all with a smile, yes!


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