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That is Jerry with a 'J" If other peoples can kill in the name of God, why can't I?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You Create This Mess...

This is Dr. Donald N. Wilbur, a gentleman's spy. He plan first successful CIA backed coup, one that CIA model all other coups after. You know, Guatemala, Cuba, Chile. Where did this one occur?? Everyone with Jihadist Jerry...IRAN!! Yay! What was it over?? Everyone with Jihadist Jerry...OIL!! Yay! When democratic country of Iran decide to take away oil fields from greedy British people (they have bad teeth) and nationalize for benefit of Iranian people, arrogant people step in. They dissolve parliament, ouster the Prime Minister who backed nationalization and put in power Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who run Iran with iron fist. He pillage Persia. He help start anti-American sentiment. Then we get that swell guy Ayatolla Khomeini, that killer, that suppressor of women, that Islamist extremist in another coup in 1979. YAY! More oppression, more pain, more anti-American sentiment. Iran had peace and happiness and democracy was a model of what the Middle East could have been like today.

This Kelsey Grammer. He famous American actor, who play Doctor on TV. He like to snort cocaine, crash his expensive automobile into tree in Hollywood Hills. He like to marry former Playboy models. See difference? One is orchestrator of over 50 years of civil unrest in foreign country. One snort cocaine off of hooker ass. Switch cocaine and hooker for oil and Iran and you get same thing. Don't come at Iran with the guise of restoring democracy bitches, say what it really about. Oil. We already had democracy and you took it away, yes!


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